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How to make an easy bird feeder with children

To prepare for the RSPB Big Birdwatch (29th – 31st Jan) Olivia and I made some unbelievably easy bird feeders, this was one of the lockdown activities on our A to Z of easy activities so felt that this week was a great time to give it ago.

What you need:

  • Bird seed (or similar bird food)

  • Suet or lard

  • Mixing bowl

  • Yoghurt pots or cake tin

  • String

Step 1

I suggest doing this first before your hands get too messy because yes you will need to get your hands in the bowl.

Cut some string and put them into your moulds. We cut a small hole in the bottom of our yogurt pots so the string would go all the way through the bird feeder. But you can add it in however you wish.

Step 2

Pour the birdseed and suet into the mixing bowl and start squishing. Keep going until it all starts to come together and form a ball that doesn’t fall apart. (This was probably Olivia’s favourite bit!)

Step 3

Push your birdseed and suet mixture into your moulds. We used yoghurt pots and a cake tin. But you could just make them into balls. Make sure you press it together firmly so it doesn’t fall apart when you hang it up.

Step 4

Put your bird feeders in the fridge to help them to set. I left ours in over night but they don’t need to be in this long, an hour or so would be just fine.

Step 5

Hang them up outside and then its time to sit quietly and watch to see which birds make an appearance.

If you like the sound of this activity or want to get involved with the RSPB Big Birdwatch then check out their website and sign up.

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