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About Us

Hello!  Cornwall Childcare is run and owned by Elsie Preddy, and covers all of Cornwall and parts of Devon. While studying for an Early Childhood degree at the University of the West of England –I graduated with an upper second class honours — I worked as a nanny and babysitter for friends and neighbours. I enjoyed it to so much that I decided to start a business, which In the past 2 years grew to provide nannying and babysitting services not only for local families but hotels and holiday cottages.

Our aim is making the day perfect for you, your partner, family & friends while we care for the
little ones.

Organising my own wedding in March 2019 and preparing activities for the children who were attending (one of whom was my own one-year-old Olivia), I realised there was considerable demand for childcare at weddings. So I decided to shift the focus of my business to providing high-quality childcare at weddings and events.


Relax and savour your special day knowing they are safe in the good hands of our nannies or in our creche.’ And the  feedback  we’ve been receiving from newly-weds, their families and friends means we are happy to report we have certainly been achieving our aim. And if you’re still unsure about whether you should hire wedding childcare why not take a look at this blog written about us.

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